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At Alvi Armani hair restoration, our focus are results. Browse our hair transplant before and after pictures to see what Alvi Armani can deliver. Truly astounding natural results.


Alvi Armani. Leader in hair restoration technology. Delivering outstanding undetectable natural results. Unmatched reputation worldwide. Rated absolute BEST in the business by HairSite

Alvi Armani - Leader in Fue Restoration

Totally Undetectable

Your friends and family should say: “There is something different about you, but I cannot tell what….”

Temple Angle Closure

There is no reason to look old after a hair transplants. Closing the temple angles brings back the youth to the face….

Natural Hair Line

Mimicking nature, and its beautiful flow between the hair and the forehead enables the patient to feel normal again….

Natural Density

Hair is meant to be close together, layered, so that it looks thick and flowing. Natural hair density is the only way that this can be achieved, and Alvi Armani can deliver…


I would like to thank Dr. Baubac and his amazing team for performing my hair transplant. Now I am happy with the result. I also experienced a very comfortable stay during the procedure. Thank you for everything you did for -Amin
Dr. Baubac provided me with services that exceeded my expectations every step of the way. It is my pleasure to recommend him and his entire team on the basis of their skill, professionalism, and attentive care throughout the entire process.- L.L.
My experience with Dr. Baubac was terrific! He educated me about procedure and made sure I was very comfortable the whole time. He is an amazing artist and does such beautiful work. Because of his amazing artistry and care the procedure is a success- Jonathan Benarroch
Alvi Armani-Hair Transplants testimonials before & after


See for yourself what our patients thought of their procedure at Alvi Armani. Browse through personal blog sites where patients post their own before and after photos and document their experience – from their first steps in researching hair loss restoration, to their final results.

Alvi Armani Micro Pigmentation

Alvi Armani Micro Pigmentation

Alvi Armani, known across the world for realistic hairlines and natural results since 1999 now offers Mircropigmentation as a solution to hairloss.

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2015 Consumer Choice Award winner in the category of Hair Restoration

2015 Consumer Choice Award winner in the category of Hair Restoration

Alvi Armani has been selected as the 2015 Consumer Choice Award winner in the category of Hair Restoration.
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FUE Hair Transplant New Delhi

FUE Hair Transplant

Every hair loss patient seeking hair transplant wants to go for FUE (Follicular Hair Extraction) Hair  Transplant. What is “FUE”? What are its advantages over other techniques? Where to get this treatment?
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