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Factors to consider before selecting the best hair loss solution



Many a times I come across patients looking for the best solutions for their hair loss problem, so today I thought of writing what are the points one should consider before taking this important decision about your hair loss problem.

1. Professional Expertise: Please invest in a professional consultation about your hair loss problem. A professional can guide you as to how are the treatments going to respond based on your hair condition. For example if you are at the initial stage of hair loss, you can be recommended with medicines, and other treatments like PRP. But if you have advanced hair loss and your donor area is supportive, then Hair Transplant is the best solution, and a permanent solution as well. Once the hair transplant is done you don't need to worry about the transplanted hair. You can treat and maintain them like other natural hair. If the hair loss is major, and even donor area is limited then you can opt for non-surgical options.

2. Age: If you are in your 20's, and facing this problem, definitely you should plan for the permanent and invest only in long lasting solutions. Age should not be a hindrance to your confidence and looks, and definitely if medicines are not helping then you should plan for a Hair transplant. 

3. Clinic: I suggest you to do a thorough research about the clinic from where you plan to take the treatment. Check for the past record of the clinic, check for results and the surgeon. The company and the surgeon are the most important factor in case of a Hair Transplant. Your results are going to be permanent, so I suggest you invest in your research, and even if you have to pay little more opt for the best company and surgeon. This will ensure you the best treatment, right instruments are used, proper setup for your pre and post-operative care, and that you will receive the necessary support post procedure.

The most important is to invest in a professional consultation to get the best solution for your hair loss problem.