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The New Age Hair Transplant Technique: Follicular Unit Hair Extraction

Hair, as we all know, is an indispensable element that adds to our aesthetic appeal and has a major role to play in adding to your confidence. Gone are the days when hair restoration was looked upon as a process which is either undergone by celebrities, public figures, or the ones who could afford it. Not only has the price for hair transplant procedure become affordable for celebrities and common masses alike but also has the advanced technology changed the game for hair restoration worldwide.

So, what is the FUE Hair Transplant technique?

Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is a minimally invasive procedure of artistically restoring hair on a bald scalp. The process involves the removal of follicular units/grafts or hair follicles from the donor scalp (the area from where the follicles are grafted) to the recipient area (the area where hair needs to be restored).  It is an advanced technique and is undoubtedly a better process to undergo than the conventional STRIP or FUT technique.

The FUE hair technique is the minimally invasive and majorly advanced technique of restoring your hairline. It is indeed an efficient procedure where each and every hair follicle is transplanted with the help of a surgical process. Before understanding the process, we need to understand that the head scalp is divided into two parts: donor area and recipient area. The donor area is the part of your body which does not suffer from hair loss and the recipient area is the part where the hair needs to be restored. The surgeon understands that your hair is a finite resource and so they take specific care at handling the process of hair restoration.

How it is done?

The specialist is an expert from the field of Hair transplant and goes through an extensive study before the process of implantation. By far, the best available quality hair transplant technique is Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE. You need to keep in mind is that the technique is completely safe as it involves the harvesting of natural hair from one part of your own body and grafting to the area where you want hair.

The following is the process of FUE hair transplant:

  • Before the surgery begins, the back portion on the head of the patient is trimmed to 1 to 2 mm. The patient is then made to sit in an accessible position by the doctors on the operating table;
  • The patient’s donor area is desensitized with local anesthesia which comprises of Xylocaine mixed with a small amount of saline to help numb the area;
  • Surgeons use special tools or micro punches which helps in extracting the hair follicles. This process is done under the microscope which lets the doctors see the follicles with utmost clarity;
  • The surgeon will draw the hairline and temple angles that are appropriate for each individual.
  • The surgeon will then proceed to make small incisions in the bald area that will allow for the follicle implantation. Each incision is made at a different angle so as to mimic natural hair angulation.

A specialized surgical tool is then used to implant hair follicles in different areas that require hair growth. The follicles are placed in the same incisions that the doctor made.

Benefits of FUE over FUT(Strip)

The STRIP harvesting or FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) technique for hair restoration is not only conventional but has several reasons which make it an underperforming hair transplant technique. Let’s begin by taking an overview of these varied features.

  • An invasive surgical procedure which has mild or sometimes major pain in the area;
  • The surgery is prone to scars which will leave you with minimal hair styling options;
  • It consumes a lot of time at the time of surgery and even post-surgery;
  • FUE gives you a lot more natural looking result over FUT or STRIP technique

FUT or STRIP technology for hair restoration is much older and dated than the FUE hair technique. FUE is renowned for its natural and undetectable results with minimal scaring. The outdated STRIP transplant surgery takes an area of the scalp in the back of the head. From there the grafts with hair are separated and then placed on the recipient area. This surgical technique tends to leave scars on the back of the patient’s head. The patient also undergoes some bleeding and pain at the time of the surgery.  FUE, on the other hand, takes less or no time in recovering. The procedure of FUE transplant lets the patient live worry free for his life.

FUE – An Extraction  Technique Vs. Implantation Technique

It is very important to understand that FUE or FUT are extraction techniques. Techniques used to remove the donor follicles from the hair-bearing areas of the scalp so they can be moved to the balding areas.

The way in which the hairs are implanted is unique to each clinic. In Alvi Armani we specialized in unique designs for each patient receiving a hair transplant. Why? Because this is the way that it occurs in nature. Each person has their own hairline, temple angles, density, hair color, hair angulation and much more.

At Alvi Armani we have spent the past 15 years developing proprietary techniques that deliver unique, natural hairlines, and hair transplants.

Cost of FUE hair transplant

The FUE technique might be a little on the expensive side, though, the celebrated results at Alvi Armani, will make the process worth it. Besides, the cost for your hair transplant depends upon several factors, such as the area of baldness that needs to be restored. The greater the area to cover the higher goes the cost estimation for the process. Also, the kind of clinic and specialists that you choose will impact the prices greatly. In general, the higher the quality of results the higher the cost, just like a good car is more expensive than a simple car. Let’s look at the features that impact the cost of the transplant in detail:

  • Design skills of the surgeon. What kind of results will the doctor produce? If you want a transplant that is undetectable you will expect to pay a bit more. But this is worth it.
  • The surgical process that you choose for the transplant with the advancements in the technology helps in determining the cost of FUE hair transplant technique. Newer technology is always a bit more expensive than old technology because it is better. Also, the clinic from where you choose to get the transplant done is a major factor which impacts the cost for FUE technique;
  • The popularity of the surgeon, his experience, the state-of-the-art culture at the clinic and the transplantation procedure for example If they are still doing old techniques such as scalp expansion, mini grafts and many more;
  • The location of the clinic has a major impact on the cost of the hair transplant procedure. Regions that are not modernized or where the cost of living is low the transplant will cost you much cheaper in price.

What is FUT Hair transplant?

At Alvi Armani, not only are the prices for hair transplantation affordable in comparison with the results but also, the undetectable and natural looking results will bring you an assured satisfaction. Their dedicated team of experts will also guide you in the pre-transplant and post-transplant hair care tips. The FUE harvesting procedure is apt for you because it brings optimal results to you with the due course of time. In this procedure, a small area of the scalp is harvested and grafted on the recipient area of the patient’s head. There is a minimal amount of bleeding in the process and the procedure is also quite painful.

Things to remember before hair transplant

The decision of undergoing a hair transplant procedure is quite an imperative one and it must include some research in the field. From finding the best hair transplant clinic and specialises in knowing the exact science that is involved in the technique. With the change in technology, the technique has now become much safer, natural and undetectable. To mention it precisely, with the advent of the Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE technique not only is the patient spared from the troubles of the surgery but also they own the freedom to style their hair the way they want.

FUE Hair transplant aftercare

It is important to follow the post-surgery hair care tips so that you benefit from the transplant holistically and for a longer run. This will also help in healing your surgery faster and with better results. Following are some post hair transplant tips on taking care of your hair:

  • Sleep on a little elevated area below your head in order to calm the uneasiness caused to your head;
  • Do not remove your headband the day after until you see the physician the next day.
  • Only shampoo your head in the manner that the doctor indicated and when the doctor tells you to start. Never touch the grafts in the implanted area.;
  • Do not smoke for a minimum two weeks after the transplant is done – preferably stop smoking, as it affects hair growth;
  • Do not use any creams or lotions on the hair unless you have asked the doctor about it. Coming in contact with the sun’s rays directly will retard hair growth – wear a hat;
  • You need to take it easy for two weeks. Resume your daily routine from the next day or exercises will affect your hair growth. Give the body a rest so it can heal;
  • You can dye your hair only after the doctor tells you.;
  • Visit the doctor according to the schedule you are given in the postoperative instructions.
  • Always follow the instructions that the doctor gave you!


Will the FUE hair transplant technique suit me?

The FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction for hair transplant is the new age hair restoration process which is minimally invasive and a procedure with minimal pain. A hair transplant is suitable for one and all. Though, with several clinics sprawling in every nook and corner, it is important for us to know about the clinics that offer a specialized treatment who are the utmost proficient at performing this procedure. The hair transplant surgery is all about meeting the expectations of the patient with undetectable and natural looking results. The hair follicle is grafted from the donor area (i.e. area where hair is located on the back and dies of the head) to the recipient area (the area where follicles need to be grafted – bald area).
The Follicular Unit Extraction FUE hair transplant procedure is suitable for everyone. It is however suggested that you meet a specialist for consultation before you decide to undergo a hair transplant procedure. At Alvi Armani, the team of qualified professionals in the field of artistic hair restoration will not only put you on the best plan for pre-transplant and post-transplant hair care but also advice you the steps to follow before undergoing one.

What is FUE?

FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is a minimally invasive hair extraction process used to treat male pattern baldness on the scalp. Each follicle is careful removed from the donor area and relocated to the recipient area. It is a transplant procedure that includes the usage of handheld transplant tools by hair surgeons who do it manually by grafting each hair follicle.

Why go for FUE rather than the linear strip (FIT/FUT)method?

Linear STRIP or FUT technique is the traditional, conventional technique of hair transplant donor hair extraction. A strip from the back of the head of the patient where the hairs have not fallen off surgically extracted in a single ellipse-sized piece. The hair grafts are then removed from the strip of skin under a microscope and implanted on the recipient area. This manually extracted region is a time-consuming procedure whose major disadvantage is to leave a long scar in the back of the head of the patient. However, the FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is a much more convenient procedure to undergo. FUE is a minimally pain process and because it is minimally invasive it does not hinder the freedom of the patient.

What is a FUE hair transplant?

FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is considered as an advanced technique to extract hairs from the donor area in order to perform a hair transplant. The extracted hair is relocated to the balding area of the scalp. The surgeon removes one hair graft (pieces of skin of one, two or three hair follicles)at a time and they are reintroduced into the balding area of the same patient’s head. The treatment produces minimal pain and no linear scar post-surgery unlike the conventional transplant method of STRIP technology. The FUE technique is a safer method and the recovery after the Follicular Unit Extraction is faster than the FUT transplant due to the use of tiny extraction incisions. Highly qualified doctors who are specialized in this field, manually harvest and graft the hair follicles.

Is a hair restoration procedure safe?

There are multiple stereotypes that you need to beat before you decide to go for a hair transplant. However, the hair restoration procedure is considered to be a low-risk process, like any other surgical procedure which involves local anesthesia usage on the patients. It is done following the medical standard of care and all compulsory safety steps are abided by in order to reach a positive outcome.

Is the FUE hair transplantation procedure painful?

FUE is a minimally invasive procedure and the amount of discomfort during the procedure is minimal. All efforts are undertaken in order to cause no pain during the surgery. The patient might suffer from a slight uneasiness post-surgery which goes away within hours after the procedure, this mainly due to the local anesthesia used to eliminate any pain during the process. FUE hair transplant, however, is considered to be for the most part a painless procedure and the results vary from one person to another.

What are the possible complications with FUE hair transplant procedure?

The medical team, lead by the Head Hair Transplant Doctor, undertake all the measures to prevent any possible complications post-procedure. The most common is an infection and allergic reactions to medications. Patients are to abide by the strict instructions given by the hair doctor in order to minimize any potential for complications and obtain the best possible hair restoration results.

How do I choose the right hair transplant surgeon?

Choosing the right surgeon for your hair transplant is the foremost matter to decide for a hair transplant. Alvi Armani is one of the leading hair transplant clinics worldwide. With the best FUE hair transplant technique provided at the Alvi Armani India clinic and an extensive support team for the patient’s pre-transplant advice, and post-transplant hair care. Alvi Armani is the number one choice for celebrities and common masses alike.

How should you make preparations?

Preparing yourself and your hair for a hair transplant is a crucial factor in obtaining the best hair transplant results. You need to follow the pre-operative instructions and post-operative instructions, as well as keeping a checklist of your medications, as well as the eating and drinking habits as suggested by the doctor. Besides, it is advised to stop smoking at least a week prior to the hair restoration process or leave it completely permanently as smoking affects your hair growth. Alcohol drinking must be stopped for two weeks prior to the hair transplant procedure. Consult your hair restoration surgeon.

What is the recovery time of FUE?

There are several steps that help you with a speedy recovery post a FUE hair transplant. Avoid alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, trying new things on your hair, and stress. Avoid sports and swimming, and being involved in rough physical activity for at least two weeks after the transplant. Also, you must go back to your doctor. Following all the postoperative instructions will reduce your recovery time to a minimum which usually is around two weeks.in the schedule that your hair transplant physician gives you.

What are the hair transplant results you can expect?

The results after a hair transplant vary from person to person. The results, however, largely depends upon the clinic or the surgeon that you visit for the process. At Alvi Armani India, you are assured to get a natural and undetectable hairline restoration and temple angle closure, high density, with the FUE hair transplant technique. Undetectable natural results.

What are the FUE side effects and risks?

You might experience hair fall initially and thin of your hair temporarily right after the procedure. This is called the “shock loss” or also known as shedding. Another possible side effect is itchiness and consistent irritation, which can take the form of bleeding or swelling. To sum it up, these procedures are safe and sound and generally don’t cause harm. Following doctors, instructions assure you that you minimize any side effects and risks.

How many sessions you may require?

Depending upon the patient’s degree of balding, it varies and can take from one session or might require more than 4 sessions. The results for the hair transplantation process, however, can take from one year and up to two years to show completely. Every patient is different.

How many hair grafts are required?

The typical procedure varies from person to person. A typical grafting session takes up 1,500 to 3,500 grafts usually involved in a full day of surgery on an outpatient basis.

When will the new transplants start to grow?

The transplanted hair starts shedding initially, usually for the first two months right after the grafting. What really happens is that the hair shaft of the grafts fall off, while the follicle stays under the skin. The transplanted hair growth seen after this period is the new hair from the hair transplant. The new hair begins to appear during 2-4 months post-treatment and continues to grow at a rate of about 10% of the implanted grafts until all the grafts are growing normally, usually at 10-12 months.

What factors to consider before choosing a Hair Transplant Clinic?

The following are the tips to consider before heading for a hair transplant procedure:
• Results, results, results. This is why you are getting a hair transplant.
• Speak to the experts at the center and make sure you feel comfortable with the hair transplant surgeon.
• See how professional are the centers.
Alvi Armani, with its chains of clinic worldwide, is proving itself as one of the leading choices by celebrities and commoners alike.

How to do a cost-benefit analysis for the Hair Transplant Clinic?

One can absolutely go for a research-based study online to analyze the cost-effectiveness. Also, as an expensive procedure, the cost of the transplantation will vary depending upon a number of factors. From location, technique, clinic and the surgical process, which will determine the cost for your hair transplant. Alvi Armani, matches the best of your expectation with its quality with the best price in class.