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How to grow your hair back on a bald scalp? The best Hair restorationin Delhi

Hair loss can bring extensive damage to your confidence and overall personality. With hundreds of reasons behind this ailment, there is not one as permanent a solution as hair restoration. As the unbeatable pollution and harmful UV rays willonly worsen the state of hair loss, it is imperative to take action as soon as possible.

So, should we continue with the alarming levels of problem like baldness and hair loss? The answer is Hair transplant and its substantial satisfying results testified by thousands of people.  With the advent of FUE hair transplant in all major cities including Delhi, the popularity of hair restoration service has also increased.

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The Fue hair transplant in Delhi is widely being queried.  Some of the advantages of FUE over STRIP technology are:

  • The old STRIP technology which was used to conduct hair transplant has been criticized extensively due to its future consequences – i.e. – a long scar.
  • The Follicular unit strip strategy (FIT) is painful and does not cater to the problem in totality.
  • It is done by cutting a strip out from the donor area, from which the grafts are harvested and the strip is stitched back to its origin area.

Hence, there is a scar left on the skin, due to which the patient is not supposed to cut or trim their hair short – otherwise it will show.

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Now lets compare:

The FUE technology allows you to stay worry free post treatment as it is concerned with extraction of individual hair follicle and is completely hassle free and with minimal pain.

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