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Mistakes Normally Made While Deciding for the Hair Transplant


Today I came across a patient who already had few hair transplant procedures and was unable to achieve the satisfactory results.

I want to advise each patient to avoid this mistake, as it makes you a weak candidate for hair transplant. You have limited amount of hair in the donor area.

In a life time an individual can give around 8,000-10,000 grafts only. So, it becomes important to use the donor area in a right and conservative way.

MISTAKES normally made while deciding for the HAIR TRANSPLANT

Decision taken on the basis of offer or deal

Please note your decision on zeroing down on any of the clinics should be made first and foremost done on the basis of quality and integrity. Then you should negotiate for the best deal from the same best clinic of your choice. Never ever decide your procedure on the basis of the deal offered like “full head of hair @…”. If you end up wasting your money due to bad results, and at the same time damaging your donor area, there is no ‘deal’. Think long term.

Not aware about the pre and post care instructions

Pre and post care instructions must be followed before and after the transplant. HAIR TRANSPLANT is a medical procedure and there will be post care. Any clinic that is suggesting that no post care is needed, and that you will be able to resume work next day then that’s not right. If you feel you have schedule in which you cannot follow a few post op instructions, then discuss about them in advance with your hair restoration surgeon. Your results depends upon how well you have followed the post care instructions!

No research about the clinic and surgeon

I’m again insisting on the clinic and surgeon as this will help you to ensure best result for yourself. You should invest in the consultation and authenticate all the

information provided to you. If you like any clinic revisit or call them with your queries and see how your queries are getting solved.

I hope this article helps you in your search of best transplant procedure.